My role is to accompany you on your French experience

If you are thinking of moving to France, already an established ex-pat or a company that requires an English/French liaison, I am here to assist you with any, and every, step you encounter.

Hello everyone !

My name is Lauren Dodds and I’ve lived in France since I was four years old. I have a Master’s Degree in International Business Development & Languages and have experience as a consultant and Franco-British liaison.

Growing up here has enabled me to witness first-hand the complications of the French administration system, even more so for non-French speakers.
My role is to accompany you on your French experience, including admin help, translation & interpretation, understanding the French system and much more. If what you are looking for is not detailed in my list of services, please do not hesitate to ask.

I am currently set up in the Dordogne and able to travel to you, welcome you at my office or set up a remote meeting.

Photographie de Lauren Dodds

Here is my list of services.


I can assist you with every aspect of owning, selling, or buying a home in France.


I can help you make sure all is up to date, from your car itself to your vehicle papers.


From setting up your business to being your French liaison.


Helping you navigate the French health system and make sure you are fully covered with everything you need for your personal situation.


I can help you establish your finances, no matter what stage in life you’re at.


Helping to guide and advise you on the documents you would need to reside in France based on your situation.

If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to ask.